Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Pet Peeve today

Some of you may know that our computer crashed last week...we seriously thought we lost everything (and when you've been meaning to back up your photos onto disks and never actually did it, it's a hard lesson to learn). Well, praise God because we have our computer up and running again (and now have backed up all our files onto disks) and thanks to Kevin and Rob and others and Jonathan's persistance!
Of course the first thing I wanted to do today was check my email and was had that mini-euphoria confirmation that people like me and here's proof because look at all my email. But here's my beef...I had 3 times as many emails in my spam inbox and 3 spams made it through Yahoo!'s spam filter into my regular inbox...and one of them was cleverly disguised as if it was from someone I actually knew! Argh! So all to all you spammers out there - get a life! Seriously!


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