Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Elijah has recently discovered the world of Curious George. I didn't think he'd be into these stories quite this early on in life, but he loves them. I love them too, which is why we have them in the house...but they are very, very long to read!

So I was thinking that there's a few strange things in these books (and no, I'm not talking about the Ether...that's a whole other post).

First: In the original Curious George book, the man in the yellow hat takes George to live in the zoo and George is very happy at the end of the then is it that in every other book George lives with the man in the yellow hat? This is never explained. There is a missing story here! Did George get kicked out of the zoo? Did the man in the yellow hat secretly take him away one night? What happened exactly?

Second: Does the man in the yellow hat have a name?

Third: How does George know that the hat is yellow? It seems to me that this little monkey from the African jungle has an amazing grasp of the English language!

Forth: Did you ever notice the responsibilities that the humans in these stories put onto George, a monkey and then get really, really overly reactive when he messes up? He's a monkey! Why does he need to be locked up in jail? Or, chased by angry farmers? Why does the paper boy just hand off his paper route to him?

Fifth: Did you ever notice the conditional forgiveness in Curious George Gets a Medal: All will be forgiven, if you go on our space experiment!


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