Friday, December 22, 2006

My unofficial tutor

I have a new addition to my blog...that little counter there in the bottom corner showing where my blog visitors are from. I'm kinda a mini-stats geek that way. (my favorite part of YouthWorker magazine has always been the stats and quotes pages). Who do I have to thank for introducing me to this latest blog toy? Chris of course. Chris has become my unofficial blog tutor (though he may not know it). He has all kinds of additions and modifications to his site and sometimes it inspires me, like it did this morning. He has also very patiently attempted to teach me how to add video to my site (which I will do one day successfully). Unfortunately, I am one of those people that blogger has denied access to blogger beta (temporarily, I'm told) for some bizarre reason, my blog won't transfer over. Anyway, just a little thank you Chris, you huge cyber geek! You inspire me. (odd, isn't it?)


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