Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?

For some reason I found this the most interesting question on the Christmas Fun's what some people said:

Nigel: Have you seen the young, "Hip" Santa in the Fido commercial? If that's Santa, he doesn't do any work, probably IMs his elves on this "Blackberry" while sitting by the fire with "sexy" Ms. Clause and an Egg Nog Late.

Lisa: Just sit them under the tree

Jill: does Santa exist?

Sarah: Wraps everything.

Carole: He wraps them and disguises them.

Tammy: He does both

Taryn: Santa always left fully assembled unwrapped gifts. Mrs. Claus, however, has a flair for packaging.

Jaclyn: They're wrapped in blue shiny paper (That's how you know they're from Santa. He doesn't have time to write tags).

What do you say?


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Its interesting that Jaclyn said Blue shiney paper, because thats How Santa Wrapped my gifts one year (the first year that he wrapped a couple.. HE usually dispays them unwrapped by my sock in the living room and leave a few under the lit Christmas tree. THe Tree lights reflect off off the plastic pakaging and is really pretty when your 8 peeking out your bedroom door. THe gifts that required assembling were usually pre assembled like our Kitchen set and table and chairs (my sisiter and I would play house alot)


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