Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't do it unless you really mean it!

Jonathan is usually out 2 Saturdays of the month working. This past weekend, Elijah was really missing him. Elijah and I were playing in our room, when he spied one of our wedding pictures on the wall. He said, "I see Daddy and Mommy"...I told him that was our wedding picture. First he wanted to know where he was, then he wanted to know what a wedding was. I told him that we had a movie of the wedding. And I didn't think much more about it until about an hour later. Elijah starts asking to watch Daddy's wedding please, over and over again. Sure. So I dug out the wedding video that I haven't seen in a long time and we started to watch it. He loved it. He starts shouting to the TV things like "Hi Nana, Hi Gramma, Hi Cousin Allan!". He got giddy when he saw Mommy and Daddy on the TV. He loved the hymns and hearing me tell him who everyone was. He wasn't so fond of the sermon (we fastforwarded through it), but he really liked watching the dancing afterwards. I enjoyed it too. It's fun to see all these people I haven't seen in a while (Dave Taylor - where are you?). To think of all the changes that have happened since then...most of the girls standing at the bouquet toss are all married now; the fellow who caught the garter married one of them; describing people to Elijah in terms of whose Mommy and Daddy they are (then having to explain that none of these babies were born yet). So all in all it was fun...the first time. One thing I didn't think of was a 2 year old's viewing habits. Elijah gets fixated on one movie at a time. So we may watch 1 hour of TV a day, but it may be the same show each day for a week or two. So I have now watched (or at least put on) our wedding video for Elijah about 5 or 6 times this week. Now, I loved our wedding, I thought maybe we'd pull out the video on our 5th anniversary this year, but this is getting to be overkill. And apparently, this is all he wants to watch. I suggest Blue's Clues, Thomas, Baby Einstein...No, Mommy and Daddy's wedding. Fortunately, Jonathan is looking into transferring it over to DVD soon before Elijah wears the tape out. Then, maybe we can hide it again for a few years.


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