Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seventh Graders

There shoud be a prize for successfully surviving a) going through 7th grade and b) teaching a class of 7th grade. Only in 7th grade would you hear something like this:
(I, the teacher, had just gotten my haircut)
"Hey, Mrs. S., you did something to your hair...did you get highlights?" Student A
"No, stupid, she got it cut, didn't you Mrs. S?" Student B
"Oh, yeah, it looks good Mrs. S.?" Student A
"Yes, I got my haircut, let's move on to the lesson" Me
"Did you get layers or something?" Student C
"Yeah, she did, didn't you Mrs. S.?" Student B
"Moving on with the lesson..." Me
"Layers, what are layers, do you have layers Mrs. S.?" Student A
"Hello, Music people!"
"But Mrs. S. it's kinda like music because your hair has layers and music has layers" Student B
"no, music doesn't have layers" Student A
"Yes, yes it does, doesn't it Mrs. S" Student B
"Actually, music does have layers, and we'll talk about that another class" Me
"See stupid, I told you" Student B to student A
(and yes, I did have to discipline student B for the continuous use of the word stupid)


At 10:24 PM, Blogger Marie-Hélène said...

Hey Kristen! I just heard the good news last night at youth group. Congratulations x 10!! I am so happy for you guys, that you will have a new addition to your family. May your pregnancy be blessed and the baby surrounded by angels :)
So exciting!

At 5:27 AM, Blogger Angela Mae said...

Ha ha ha... I love this entry, but believe it or not, it sounds like 18 first graders who are all ESL... I think kids are kids... just different sized bodies


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