Thursday, October 05, 2006

the Radio Man

Yes, I admit it, I've turned our son into a country music fan. Not only is he a fan, but he has his own separate taste in music from me. One day, when Jonathan and Elijah were driving, Jonathan turned it to the classic rock station when Elijah said "no like it Daddy, like country". The biggest issue with listening to the radio with Elijah is now that he really likes some songs, we have to explain the concept of the radio to him. Once a song he likes finishes, he says "again", so we've had to tell him about the Radio Man, and how it is up to him which song he plays. Fortunately for us, Yahoo Music exists where we can watch music videos on demand. Here's Elijah's top requests:

Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy aka "Kissy, Kissy, Foosie, Foosie" in Elijahland
I'm a Roadhammer by the Roadhammers
Give it Away by George Strait
Truck Got Stuck by Corb Lund

He now recognises these songs much soon than I ever would. Fortuanately, his taste is not limited to these songs alone. He quite enjoys it when I put the DixieChicks on (but not Uncle Kracker, as I've found out). His taste is not completely limited to country, he loves Ray Charles ("Play Jack Mommy!"), old big band swing, especially Benny Goodman, and surprisingly enough, soft techno, think back to your early 90's high school dances. Apparenly, he recently discovered the B-52's Love Shack on an old tape I made, and has had Jonathan play it for him at nauseum while driving (you're making your Mama proud boy!, that was one of my grade11 theme songs!)


At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Bev Doan said...

What a unique little grandson!! Actually Elijah Gramma was in HMV today thinking of buying a country CD!! - that would be with the song'Making Memories of Us'on it by Keith Urban...Hint hint that could be a good BD gift for Gramma!
Love You!!

At 2:44 AM, Blogger Jilly said...

Well, I guess that's what happens when your godson is half way across the country and doesn't have anyone to play proper music for him. Ah, Elijah, one day your Aunt Jill will introduce you to some REAL music.


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