Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where's Max?

Surfing online with a two year old is incresingly interesting...from comments like: "no typing Mommy" to website requests: "Max Mommy!", who knew? For those of you interested in Elijah's top sites to visit here you go: : accesses to Max and Ruby (particularily the game "Where's Max", Elijah giggles in sheer delight when he finds Max in this hide and seek game.)
Also accesses to Blue's Clues although our choices there are more limited as Elijah refuses to accept anything to do with Joe, he only wants games with Steve in them. Elijah's favorite is Instrument Sound Matching (known as "piano") where he constantly surprises me at how many he gets right. Elijah's favorite Elmo games are Chicken Dance Elmo, Zoe's Silly Seasons, and helping Mr. Noodles walk the dogs.

Yahoo! Music...he loves watching music videos and the best way to play the songs he likes...more to follow on this. and the original numanuma dance...he's one of Gary Brolsma's biggest fans He likes the building Lego game and the feature where you meet Bob and the gang. Thomas the Train


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