Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Dog Park

The Dog Park is a new concept in Saint John...okay it's only been open for about 2 weeks. We took Keziah on opening day (for the free stuff) and let her have a run and play with the other dogs. People are so funny. They are more aware of what their dogs are doing than a lot of parents I meet at the playground with their kids. They hover and make sure that their dog isn't being the bully dog of the pack. I have no problem with Keziah deciding that she is the lead dog of the small dogs. She's quite happy to run and jump and lead the chase. One afternoon we were there and the other dog in the small dogs area was a teacup chihauhua. The little thing was all over Keziah and you could see her, yeah, I'll put up with you expression...until the chihauhua went a step to far...all Keziah had to do was bark once at her and the chihauhua meekly backed away and acknowledged that yes, Keziah was queen of all. Of course she's not always the queen. We've also let her in the big dog area, where she gets along fine, but definately knows her place, backing down from the springer spaniels of the world. Smart girl.


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