Friday, August 11, 2006

Post-Concert Wrap-up

Last night I saw the Dixie Chicks in concert for the 2nd time. The first was 6 years ago in Vancouver, and quite frankly I was floored that they would have a show here in Saint John. Totally worth the waiting in the early morning rain for tickets. I forgot what good musicians they are, and their back up musicians are amazing! There were many standouts of the night for me. The first was at the end of Top of the World, each musician slowly faded out until there was just Martie and Janna (backup fiddler) left playing, so hauntingly beautiful. I was absolutely mezmerised by it. I also very much enjoyed their encore performance of Travellin' Soldier, just the 3 girls, simple. Of course I enjoyed other parts of the concert. All my favorites were played including Cowboy Take me Away. The funny thing I was thinking was how different this show was from the first time I saw them. The first time, it was very girly and young. This show was a lot more mature, but just as good, just in a different way. But I guess that's par for the course, I've changed in 6 years too.

I also got to thinking about other concerts I've seen in the past. My friend Steven says he doesn't like to go to shows any more because he doesn't remember them much past the show. I don't know about that for myself. Those that were good were really good and memerable (which is why I wanted to see the Chicks again, I loved them the first time). So here's a blast of my past, a somewhat complete list of show's I've seen over the course of my 30 years. As chronological as possible-it gets a little cloudy for me. Too bad my brother is not here to consult with me, he remembers all of this kind of stuff. Opening bands are bracketed (if I can remember them) and I warn you, for those who did not know me in my teen years, I was very much a bubblegum youth!

Mickey Gilley - Lynden Fair
The Beach Boys - post Mariner's game
Tiffany - I was 11
Debbie Gibson (Bros) - and I had a hat to match
Whitney Houston (After 8) - my whole family went
New Kids on the Block (Perfect Gentleman)- twice! Yes, I loved Joe when I was 15.
George Michael
Jimmy Buffett - another family event
Harry Connick Jr. - Twice, the first time was total swing and rocked! The second was funk, a little disappointing
INXS - the weekend after Princess Diana died, sadly, Michael Hutchence died 2 months later
Hootie and the Blowfish (54-40)
Bryan Adams
The Pursuit of Happiness, the Odds and ??? Help me out Ang! - back to UVIC event
Shania Twain (Leahy)
Trisha Yearwood
Depeche Mode - twice in Seattle
ZZ Top - with my dad
Joan Osbourne
Sophie B. Hawkins - the last 3 courtesy of Jeff
Cube Fest - many R&B artists, including Mace...but I went to see LL Cool J
Ricky Martin
Goo Goo Dolls (the Odds and Sugar Ray) - I won these tickets!
Lilith Fair - the final tour, mostly I wanted to see Sheryl Crow
Creation Fest 2000 - another music festival, the band I remember the most was Delerious?
Spirit of the West
Dixie Chicks (Patty Griffin, Bob Schneider)- twice, see above
Paul Brandt
Dolly Parton (Hot Toddy) - she was a blast!
I know I've got to be missing someone somewhere, so if you've been to a show with me, feel free to comment!


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Angela Mae said...

The UVIC one had Spirit of the West there too... good times, good times.

About your link... I wish I had time to devote to getting the links working. My friend April gave me exactly what it should be, I cut and pasted it, but it still doesn't work. Maybe once I am finished my thesis, my masters course, my PYP courses and if I forego sleep I will get it! ;)

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit...I'm a little Jealous. Seeing the dixie chicks in concert would have been awesome. Everyone who went to it that I know...they all enjoyed. good stuff.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Chris said...

man you saw Jimmy Buffett, thats sweet, i wish i could see him, he rules.

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous JD said...

K - Mace is spelt with a $ = MA$E ha ha ha - G Love and Special Sauce opened for Joan Osbourne, didnt we see Ian Tyson at the Lynden Fair as well as the girl who Garth Brooks married...


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