Saturday, August 05, 2006


We just arrived home from a camping trip to Cap Pele, NB. Not terribly far from Saint John, I know, but we'd never been there and when travelling with a 2 year old, you want to stay pretty close to home!
Elijah was very thrilled with the whole idea of camping. He doesn't remember our failed trip to Cape Breton last year (rained out). The entire trip was pretty much the best time he could imagine. There was a toddler play park in the campsite. We were right on the beach and best of all we were in a tent. Thursday night bedtime went something like this (remember bedtime for him is 8:30). His eyes flashed around the tent looking at everything. "A tent Mommy!" "Yes, we're in a tent"..."A tent Daddy!" "Yes, we're in a tent"..."Camping Mommy!" "Yes, we're camping"..."Camping Daddy!" "Yes, we're camping"..."time to sleep now Elijah, put your head on the pillow"...(head goes on pillow for less than one minute, he looks around again) "A tent Mommy!"....this goes on until after 10pm, when finally the excitement somewhat wore off and our little boy finally drifted off to sleep...I'm assuming, I think I drifted off before he did, so much for the romantic evening by the campfire with my husband!


At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh...Elijah. I miss you guys!! Can I come back and do my third year at Stone....please??? no, no Christian- stop...hahaha. Sounds like fun. You're awesome!!!


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