Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Blogging World

Quite an interesting place! I had no idea how connected everyone was on a blog, or who reads whose and who finds each other online...I first started blogging on my old site about a year ago. I was inspired by my old university roomie Angela who had started one. A fun and easy way to keep a website running. (Oddly enough, now that I've moved to this site, Angela has started her own on blogger!). I've also found out that it is a source of marital friend Jen (sorry Jen), is quite disappointed that I've moved here because her husband Chris loves this site and was urging her to keep her blog here, like he does...score one inadvertantly for Chris. I also found out that there are people who read my blogs that I had no idea about, but to be fair, I read theirs too. How do we find each other? Mutual friends links. (Hi Christian!). I'm also pretty demanding for comments, considering how much I lurk around other people's blogs and say nothing...this is going to be part of my blog resolution, to comment more! So I've updated my links, adding blogs that I read from time to time. I highly reccommend Jill's (although she's on vacation now), she is one of the best writers that I know. See you online sometime!


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Angela Mae said...

I love that we are all blogging. Makes it so easy to keep in touch and you feel like you can choose to get the info instead of weeding through mass emails or long form letters... although, I still like the Christmas family letters *^^*

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Jilly said...

aww, thanks Kris.
One day you'll have to show me how to do a links thing (I'm such a secret luddite).


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